Virtual Team Activities

Keeping your team motivated remotely can be a challenging task. We strive to offer the most memorable and exciting ways to engage remote employees, to enable them to collaborate effectively with other team members. It is now more important than ever to keep the wellness and mental health of colleagues at the forefront.

So, how can you bridge the virtual gap and bring your team together?

Remote team activities offer a solution to help establish and maintain good working relationships whilst employees are working from home, and to build an atmosphere of trust and support.

We offer a number of interactive virtual team activities designed to encourage teamwork, all of which can be completely customised to suit your objectives, audience and brand. Whichever activity you pick, we will make sure it is the perfect fit.

Our innovative and exciting teambuilding activities will encourage competitiveness, excellent communication and strong teamwork!

Please see a list of our Team Activities below:

Around the World in 80 Minutes
At The Races
Bake Off
Beat The Tribe
Cocktail Masterclass
Comedy Show
Cookery Class
Drag Bingo
Escape Room
European Tour

Gold Rush Race
Health and Wellbeing Workshops
Jungle Contest
Let it Glow
Live Actor Murder Mystery
Master of Tasks
Mind Reading
Murder Mystery
Musical Bingo
The Virtual Away Day

Virtual Bear Grylls Survival
Virtual Candle Creation
Virtual Chocolate Truffles
Virtual Den of Dragons
Virtual Gameshow Mashup
Virtual Karaoke
Virtual Photobooth
Virtual The Apprentice
Virtual The Ladder of Success
Wine Tasting

Please click on this link for more information on each of the Team Activities mentioned above.

Let's discuss your Virtual Team Activity today!

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