Bespoke Private Celebration Event Planning

Carlton Towers - 80th Birthday

Kachette - Birthday

Marquee - Birthday

Nobu Portman Square - 25th Anniversary

The Grove - Birthday

The Grove - Birthday

It's All About the Bar at this Marquee

Burst of Colour at JW3

Bollywood Birthday Party

Your Name in Lights

If you’re looking for help to plan a flawless, once-in-a-lifetime event, Uptown Events is at your service. Our team has extensive experience planning private events across London, with access to the most sought-after venues.

Our seasoned team will assist you through every stage of the celebrations event planning process, giving you total peace of mind before and during the event. Whatever you fancy for your private celebration and no matter the number of guests you anticipate attending, Uptown Events has the special touch you need to pull off a show-stopping celebration.
So, please contact our experienced team to discuss your private celebration and how our event planning services can help.

Celebrate in the most stylish venues

It’s no secret that a stunning venue really can make all the difference to how you and your guests enjoy your event. You need to make sure it looks fabulous and that it can accommodate the number of guests you expect as well as their unique requirements.

Thankfully, our expert team here at Uptown Events has years of experience with event planning which means you get a direct connection to the most desirable venues.

But, while choosing the perfect venue is hugely important, you can’t afford to overlook the smaller details. Our team here will carefully deal with every stage of the planning process,dress the venue, and handle everything on the night. This way, you’ll have all the time you need to enjoy your celebration stress free and with complete confidence.

Make your private celebration stand out

Have you been thinking about incorporating a unique theme into your event to give it a striking look and memorable feel? If so, there’s no limit to the creativity that our seasoned event planning team can help you with.

Perhaps, you’d like to create an authentic and more unique theme for your guests. Thankfully, we know how to create unique themes for one-of-a-kind events that really do make an impact on those attending. We’ll carefully work with leading suppliers to ensure your private celebration is exactly as you envisioned and much more.

Speak with our event planners now

If you’ve got a vision for a big private celebration and need expert assistance to get things off the ground, we’re here to help. Simply reach out to our team about your ambitions and we’ll get to work creating a bespoke plan that will bring your ideas to life in the most exciting way possible.