Where Exactly Are the UK’s Most Stunning Summer Party Venues?

Are you having a tough time finding the right summer party venue for your upcoming event? There’s no shame in it as there really are thousands of potential summer party venues for you to take into account. But, with a little direction in your search efforts, you’ll be able to pinpoint the most stunning summer events venue out there.

You’ll need to do some real thinking on what’s going on in the world around you and if it’s going to make a difference to your party and venue. What are the latest fads in the food and drinks world, are there any foreign festivals you can take inspiration from, or how about London’s newest rooftop bars?

Yes, you can simply trawl the internet looking for an attractive set of airbrushed photos, but that’s not going to generate the buzz you ought to be achieving. What you want to aim for is pairing stunning summer party venues with something your guests are already in love with at the present time.

To help you get your summer events season off to a triumphant start, we’ve listed our top tips for finding the most superb party venues going. But, to give you a head start in your search we’ve also provided a few examples of some really stand out summer events venue.

Alternatively, if you want help from our experienced team to find the most ideal summer party venues in London and across the UK, talk with a member of our team now.

Think about your numbers carefully
A big part of choosing the perfect venue is knowing how to accurately judge the size of the space you’re hiring. Many venues already offer an estimate on the amount of people they can hold and you should heed their advice, but it’s always a good idea to visit the venue to see if for yourself fist hand. Too much empty space will leave your party looking a little dead and not enough will have guest clambering for the exit.

Why not start your search by taking a look at these different sized venues?

What’s happening at home and around the world?
Is there a festival overseas that everyone is talking about or perhaps you’d like to do something yourself during the Notting Hill Carnival? With so many culturally inspired venues in London and across the UK, there’s simply no shortage of possibilities when it comes to finding a stunning summer party venue.

Gin, rosé, and craft beer is all the rage with drinkers these days
You’d have to be living in a cave to have not been whisked away with the current buzz surrounding gin, rosé, and craft beers in the UK. People simply love it and there’s a huge number of pop-up and existing bars and venues taking full advantage of these trends.

It goes without saying that your guests will be forever grateful if you end up throwing a drinks inspired summer event. But, if you want a real treat for everyone on a hot day, find a venue that serves frosé. We promise you won’t regret it.

Who doesn’t love a good view from a rooftop bar?
While a rooftop bar might not be the best place to host an event in London during the colder and wetter seasons, summertime makes for quite the rooftop party. There are plenty of existing rooftop bars to sink your teeth into, but London is blessed with new, exciting rooftop locations on a regular basis.

So, do you think you have what it takes to find the most stunning summer party venues to match the idea you have in mind? At Uptown Events, we know London’s venues inside out and will seek out the very best options for your requirements. Speak with a member of our events team today and let’s start planning exciting summer events together.

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