uptown virtual events

Uptown Virtual Events

Uptown Virtual Events Uptown Events has been working on corporate events for over 20 years. We have a large client base including a number of very large global companies who we have supported for their events throughout the UK and globally. We are trusted with our clients to manage their events and have changed our ...

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virtual teambuilding events

Virtual Team Building Events

Virtual Team Building Events In the current climate, more and more businesses are looking for ways to build and maintain relationships within teams. Remote employees are often focused on their own tasks, forgetting the importance of interacting with co-workers like you would in an office environment. Keeping morale in any organisation is crucial but can ...

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virtual events

Virtual Charity Events

Virtual Charity Events At Uptown, we have been working closely with our charity clients to assist them in the planning of their events due to the Government restrictions at this time. Many charities hold a variety of events, ranging from briefings to large fundraising dinners. We understand the needs of our clients to ensure the ...

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conference activities

The Use of Energising Activities at Conferences

The Use of Energising Activities at Conferences If you are planning your next company conference, you may want to consider incorporating an energising activity. These activities can be a highly effective way of keeping everyone fully engaged, and will leave your delegates feeling fresh, alert and ready to receive the company messages being delivered. There ...

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wellbeing event

Wellbeing Event

Wellbeing Event In recent years companies have been paying more attention into developing a positive, creative and motivational workplace for staff, along with focusing on the wellbeing of their workforce. The results often transform a company, a happier, healthier, motivated team gives companies the competitive edge by often attracting the top employees in the sector ...

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summer party planning

Summer Party Planning

Summer Party Planning Summer Activities: Are you watching the sun come out and the longer evenings roll in? Is your countdown to summer on? There are so many options to look at when planning a summer party. What is most important is finding what your employees will find the most enjoyable and will be talking ...

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dmc event management

How Does DMC Events Management in London Work?

How Does DMC Events Management in London Work? How Does DMC Events Organisation in London Work? As with any event held in London, there’s always going to be room to create something truly special. Whether you’re hosting a Gala Dinner, Networking Dinner, Charity Function, Conference, or a combination of them all, you’ve got to have ...

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