The Must Know Wedding Trends 2018

2018 is upon us and that means there’s a whole host of fresh, inspirational wedding advice to help you plan yours a little differently. From spicing up your choice of location and cuisine to keeping an eye on what the royals have planned this spring, we’re sure you won’t be without a long list of inspiring wedding ideas to make your big day one to truly remember.

To make things easier for you, we’ve come up with a list that features our top six picks for wedding trends 2018. But, if you feel there’s a little too much to handle yourself and need the help of our experienced team to pull off the wedding you always dreamed of, get in touch with us now.

1) Historic houses are keeping things classy in 2018

Across the UK, there’s an exciting range of historic houses that boast picturesque locations, elegant interiors, and one of a kind attractions. Perhaps, you’d like to celebrate your wedding at a 500-year-old castle or a beautiful stately home by the sea? There’s every reason to suspect that couples will be keeping things classy in 2018 with weddings at some of the country’s finest historic houses.

2) Ultra Violet is looking likely to be the colour of choice

Colour is everything at a wedding and picking the right one will tie everything together with real style. Thankfully, Pantone recently announced that their 2018 Colour of The Year is Ultra Violet; giving us a good indication of how other industry trends will form around this stunning colour tone. So, if possible, try to base your wedding ideas, bouquets, décor, installations, and everything else around Ultra Violet.

3) Have your first dance on a marble dance floor

Marble is a luxurious stone and one that’s truly timeless in its appearance. So, why not take the plunge into the world of marble dance floors for your 2018 wedding? While it’s possible to rent an installation yourself, there are also some specialist locations out there that can provide your wedding reception with this unique marble touch.

4) Destination weddings with a cultural twist

For too long, couples hosting destination weddings have been missing out on all the wonderful local culture. From city based locations to places completely off the grid, you can be certain that local traditions, music, and cultural offerings will add a charming touch to make your wedding plans even more special.

5) World food and comfort eats take centre stage

When it comes to wedding ideas, finding the right food can be a tough one to crack. 2018 is looking to be the year that couples opt out of the traditional 3-course menu and go for something a little more comforting. Think Japanese, Peruvian, Mexican, Vegan, Hawaiian, or anything else that’s a little different but easily enjoyed by the masses.

6) Keep your eyes on the royal wedding

Despite everything else, the royals are definitely going to play a pivotal part in setting some of the key wedding trends 2018. Interestingly, it looks like Harry and Meghan are bucking the ultra-traditional style that royal weddings have been known for in the past. So, keep an eye on how their May 19th wedding goes and take a little inspiration from the fact they’re doing things differently.

No matter who you are, organising a wedding requires a lot of hard work and true determination. But, if you feel like you need the assistance of an experienced team to turn your wedding ambitions into reality, we’re here to help. Simply contact a member of our team and let’s discuss the ideas you have for your 2018 wedding.

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