Water sports team building in Brighton

The Brief
This request came alongside the Partners conference that we arranged at the Grand Hotel in Brighton. We were briefed with creating a fun, energetic team building afternoon, following a conference offsite.

The Solution
We sourced the Hove lagoon, erected a marquee, hired watersports clothing and allocated the teams by giving each participants a coloured t-shirt. After all participants had the safety briefing they were talked through the challenge, a highly competitive, multiple activity watersports competition.

The competition involved five different zones:

Donut challenge to transport water a high speed
Sailing course
Pedalo race
Kayak volleyball
Dragon boat race

Once each team had battled it out it was time for teams to build their rafts and get all team members across the lagoon and back. The first one back, won! The catch, the teams were allowed to start the raft build in order of how they had performed in the watersports competition.

A successful team building event, full of fun and lots of competition!