Strategy Day with Metlife

The Venue
The venue for this event was the QEII conference centre. This is a modern and central building – the perfect location for a conference with so many people attending from different areas!

For this event we were expecting 400 people for a theatre style conference.

During the event we also required a number of breakout rooms. We had each room fully fitted with various types of AV equipment, keeping up to date with all modern technology which made the client feel confident that everything would run smoothly. To make the event completely bespoke to the client, we ensured that everything was fully branded with their company logo.

For this strategy day, there was a huge amount of people, so we decided to incorporate live voting pads to make sure everybody was able to get involved in the programme. Using the live voting pads was a very impressive and interactive way for all the attendees to have their opinion seen and heard.

Of course we had to add some excitement to this event, therefore a Drum and Boom Whacker Workshop was chosen! This involved every delegate being given their own drum or boom whacker, whilst the Drum Master on the stage instructed them. The room was split, with different groups creating different sounds and the aim was to work as a team to build a rhythm and create a great beat. Everybody got involved and thoroughly enjoyed this experience – it was a brilliant and energising extra.

We couldn’t let an event pass without the MetLife mascot making his appearance… Snoopy! The reason behind their mascot is that Snoopy is associated with eternal youth and happiness and every age range loves him! He always lights up the room and brings fun to an all-day meeting!

Finally, after a long day of activities and workshops, all the delegates were able to enjoy a highlights video. This was made on-site by a brilliant team of videographers who captured the exciting, hilarious moments throughout the day and edited it live at the venue! This was a really nice touch to end the day.