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Get Flipped uses a green screen to create a hologram of your guests. A photographic studio is set up for your guests. They are invited to step in front of the camera. Our professional photographers will direct your guests to pose. Two poses are photographed, the images are processed through proprietary software that combines the two images together. The image is then printed and a special lens is added to make the image into a photo card that can be tilted up and down. By tilting the photo card the image seamlessly switches between the two images as if you are a moving hologram. Get flipped is outrageously fun! Over 80 flip-cards can be produced per minute so every guest can take a memento home.

We can even customise the Get Flipped cards. Our software automatically replaces the green screen with a bespoke image or selection of images. We can help you create original artwork that links with your theme or colour scheme or add a company logo, messages or branding.

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