Film Premier Party – Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

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Uptown Events were chosen as the organisers for the high profile, Willy Wonka film premier party. The client’s non-negotiable requirements for the event were that the venue and entertainment aspects in particular had to meet the general ‘feel’ of the famous film story. Guests at the film premier party included the Press, Senior Management at Warner Brothers and their families.

The Venue
Location of party venue for this event was of paramount importance. Leicester Square being ‘the home of cinema’ in London was really the only option to find the perfect venue, which would reflect the films storyline and be able to accommodate the guests. In true film premier style the venue Ruby Blue was chosen. The location (with the entrance just off Leicester square and with a balcony which over looks the square) was perfect. With rich, opulent decor and lavish interior colour schemes throughout the client felt that the similarities between the atmosphere of Ruby Blue and ‘The Chocolate Factory’ were uncanny!

The Party
Guests at this film premier party were stunned to see a human statue that was totally covered in dark chocolate on a plinth in the main room. To their delight, we had provided a beautiful rich fountain of chocolate – which was to be kept flowing for the entirety of the event with guests thoroughly enjoying the dips (which included marshmallows and fresh fruits).

Throughout the party large plasma screens showed previews of the blockbuster film and the soundtrack was played as background music.

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