FA and Vauxhall National Football Scheme

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The Brief

To supply two Football Tricksters to participate in a national scheme involving the FA and Vauxhall.
This involved us sending the client profiles of potential tricksters including images and video clips of their previous work. Once the client had picked their two tricksters, we needed to arrange transport and accommodation for them across the UK and work out the logistics of the booking.

The Roadshow

The aim of the scheme was to focus on tackling the drop out from football of teenagers in the 14-17 age group.

The tour covered more than five different locations across a 2 week period. The freestylers were given the task of compiling a 20 minute session, to be performed every 30 minutes, during a live festival period. Each session consisted of a demonstration of their skills, followed by a workshop incorporating time challenges, penalty shootouts and fast paced round robin tournaments for the audience, appealing to all ages and abilities.

The end result of the scheme is for schools to start weekly after school clubs and continue keeping the targeted age groups interested and involved in football. Both tricksters helped to communicate this message by making announcements over the PA system, and actively participating in promoting all forms of social media for the scheme.

Client Feedback

The clients were extremely pleased with the standard of professionalism and skill from both tricksters. Ultimately this resulted in a repeat booking this year and hopefully more to come


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