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Dance Heads are the most exciting entertainment service to come out of the USA. Innovative, funny and mesmerising; it’s like nothing you’ve ever done before! Dance Heads use green screen technology to superimpose guests’ heads onto professional dancers’ bodies while they sing along to some of the greatest pop songs of all time with fully animated backgrounds.

Dance Heads has enchanted and entertained audiences and participants of all ages. Classics like “I will Survive” and ‘’Super Freak’’ and many more can be performed alone, as a duet, or as a trio. Don’t mistake Dance Heads for lip-syncing or karaoke! The hilarious video effect is complete with fully animated backgrounds. Dance Heads is unforgettable. Guests will be lining up for their chance to get in front of the camera.

All songs are by the original artists and guests do not need to know the words of the songs – they can be dancers in a pop group or mouth along if they wish. Each guest who participates receives a DVD of their performance.

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