Corporate Summer Team Building Day

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The Brief
After having successfully organised the Christmas party for this particular client, Uptown Events were automatically asked to come up with some ideas for the company’s Summer Party. The brief was simple, a summer team building activity day for approximately 250 people followed by a barbeque and drinks. After going through several different options we decided upon Dragon Boat racing at Dorney Lake and spy games to follow.

The Event
Dorney Lake is a world-class rowing and flat-water canoeing centre in a spectacular, 400-acre parkland setting near Windsor. All the delegates were collected from their central London office and transported up to Dorney Lake in Windsor where the event was due to take place. The delegates were divided up into teams and the Dragon boat racing began. Dragon boat racing is a Chinese tradition dating back thousands of years. With a steerer in the back and a drummer keeping time this is a fantastic team building activity as it takes up to 10 pairs of people to paddle one boat. Each Dragon Boat is approximately 30 feet long with a carved dragon head and tail on the front and back.

With such large numbers we were able to instigate a full on competition with heats before the finals. Once we’d whittled it down to the last two teams the final was on and everyone was on the edge of their seats as they shouted on their colleagues. After the results were in and the winners declared all the participants were treated to a delicious barbeque whilst the second stage of the day was set up.

Our client had already pre-selected which spy games they wanted, and included axe throwing, code cracking and target shooting. The objective of these games is to work together towards a goal such as breaking a code in less than 15 minutes to prevent a bomb exploding. This means that all the groups had to work together under pressure, in an exciting environment with an element of competition, no one wants to be the team that can’t crack the code!

Once all the spy games had wound down there was a general presentation and awards were given out for the winning teams. Uptown events then transported everyone back to their office in London in luxury coaches and the day drew to a close. The objectives were achieved and more importantly everyone participating had fun. Once again Uptown events proved their worth to a long standing client and ensured they would be top of the contact list for the next company event.

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