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This was a rather last minute request; a client came to us and said they wanted to go to Venice – in 5 days! They needed flights, accommodation and a selection of activities for their 2 day trip for 15 people. In a whirlwind few days in the Uptown office, we organised a small meeting, a gondola tour, a guided walking tour with a local guide and even a trip to a fantastic glass factory on the renowned Murano Island.

After a journey to the island on a water taxi, the guests enjoyed a private tour of the factory and a close up of the craftsmanship that goes into hand-making the meticulous glass sculptures that Venice is so famous for. The guests saw a horse appear in front of their eyes, as if by magic, from the glowing red, liquid glass. It was a jam-packed and fabulous 2 days in the Floating City.

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