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Budapest was the suggested destination for a client’s 4 day trip for the top CEOs and their spouses. We flew 20 people out to this up and coming city, where we had some real treats in store for them. We’d been told that some of the CEOs were car enthusiasts, so what could be better than a chance to experience driving your own Trabant? We organised a tour guide driver and 10 cars for each CEO and their spouse and then the fun began. The convoy started and the group drove through the centre of the city then on to the outskirts to a lovely farm in the Hungarian countryside, where guests had the opportunity to sample some delicious, locally sourced ham. Once this exhausting exercise for the taste buds was complete, the group had the opportunity to relax, have lunch and then drive back to Budapest’s centre.
As if this wasn’t enough, we also organised walking tours, trips to the Opera and thermal baths and a boat tour on the Danube River. Guests recuperated in the luxurious surround of the 5-star Kempinski Hotel. Certainly a trip to remember!

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