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Our range of comedy pick pockets are some of the finest pick pockets in Britain. Our artists are able to improvise and ad-lib their way out of any situation they may find themselves in, which, in many circumstances, can be extremely comical.

All of our entertainers are highly experienced and some have even helped the police in crime prevention seminars!

A comedy pickpocket is a fantastic act that provides spontaneous visual comedy and is great entertainment for your event. They can be booked to do either stand up shows, close-up mix and mingle or both. Pick pocketing may not be suitable for all events. If guests are dressed in jeans and t-shirt then it makes it very hard for the act to work. Guest numbers should ideally be over 75, and we would need to know the male/female split at your event. Due to outfits, females are much harder to pick the pockets of! If you aren’t sure then just ask!

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