Batmitzvah at the Honourable Artillery Company

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The Brief
To bring the divine Garden of Eden to life for an unforgettable Batmitzvah Party. The atmosphere and the decor were key in the success of creating this theme properly. A lot of surprises were to happen during the evening which would make the event unique and an incredible experience for all invited.

The Venue
The venue was a magnificent Georgian house, which was both traditional and contemporary and modern at the same time.

The Party
The reception and main room were decorated with numerous trees, bushes, flowers and other plants in order to establish the Garden of Eden atmosphere.
As the guests approached the outside of the venue they entered through two flambeauxs and on a path of Astroturf. On either side of the main doors were two pillars wrapped with beautiful ivy and flowers. A walkway made of ivy and bamboo decorated with sparkling glitter butterflies and twinkling fairy lights, led guests into the reception room and created an impressive entrance.
The reception room had light green draping which hung from the ceiling to half way down the walls. Large trees covered with fairy lights and decorated bushes were placed around the outskirts of the reception room. The 5m bar was lit green and pink and a large strip of Astroturf lay on the surface of the bar. In the centre of the room a 3m high apple tree, decorated with artificial apples, surrounded with a stone bench completed the room.

In the main room the balcony was covered with white drape and large topiary letters spelling the Bat Mitzvah girls name hung over the top. The stage and dance floor were situated in the centre of the room and was covered by over 200 guests. The centre of the ceiling was lit with a net of fairy lights and twenty pillars crawling with ivy surrounded the room. Between each pillar were large trees adorned with lights and colourful flowers.

On each side of the three tiered stage was a 10″ screen projecting images of the family and live footage of the party. On the edge of each step, colourful lights shone from beneath and illuminated the stage.
The dance floor was black LED creating a buzz during the dancing. The amount of sophisticated, top of the range lighting and production created incredible effects and a fantastic atmosphere.
As guests entered the room they were greeted by a lady dressed in a colourful costume wrapped in butterflies. During the reception the children, and even the adults, were playing with a wide range of innovative entertainment. Dance Heads uses green screen technology to superimpose guests’ heads onto professional dancers‘ bodies while they sing along to some of the greatest pop songs of all time with fully animated backgrounds. Each guest who participated received a free DVD of their performance. In addition to this each was able to get a digital key ring. Pictures were taken of the guests, uploaded onto a digital key ring and then given as a gift.

The bar served delicious summer cocktails to adults and non-alcohol cocktails to kids. The MC announced the beginning of the Dvar Tora and the doors to the main room opened to the magical Garden of Eden. The floor was covered with thick low fog and animal jungle sounds were played from the speakers. The Dvar Tora commenced with a beautiful song sung by the band. During this time the Bat Mitzvah girl quickly ran up to the balcony overlooking the main room. When the song ended, the lights were blacked out in the room and a bright light shone from the balcony, behind the Bat Mitzvah girl. A pounding beat was played and suddenly a spectacular laser show began. The laser display lights went over the crowd forming unique shapes and patterns. While this was happening, the Bat Mitzvah girl quickly went to the main entrance without being spotted and the MC announced her grand entrance. She then entered the main room and invited all the guests to join her on the dance floor for some Israeli dancing.

After, dinner was served, speeches were very emotional and Grace after Meals was sung from the top of the chairs. The disco began with Benjy and Kat, Uptown Events’ top dancers, endless novelties were handed out and cold towels were given to guests to cool the sweat. To ease the muscle pains from dancing all night, four masseurs gave foot and hand massages to guests throughout the evening. Andnbsp;
As guests were leaving to go home, each person was given a helium balloon with a small light glowing inside. On each balloon a small card was tied on and the guests were asked to write a wish on the card and release the balloon into the clear sky.

And just in case anyone was left hungry after all that dancing, a doughnut stand was waiting for guests as they made their way out.
The Garden of Eden certainly came to life and the party was certainly divine.

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