Batmitzvah at Sopwell House

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The Brief

A Batmitzvah for a wonderful girl celebrating her party on the Jewish holiday of Purim.

By combining a magical ceremony, scrumptious lunch and a magnificent party, we created an amazing atmosphere and memorable day for both guests and family.

This event differed from any party before, as it consisted of several stages in different rooms of the hotel. The emphasis was on the atmosphere and design and the attention to detail was extraordinary.

The Venue

Sopwell House Hotel is the former Georgian country residence of Lord Mountbatten. The Hotel is nestled within 12 acres of tranquil gardens and boasts several different sized function rooms.

The Party

The first stage of planning was to design and send out the ‘Save the Date’, which was printed on biblical coloured card. A few months later, the invitation was designed to look like a biblical scroll tied with a red ribbon and placed in a bespoke box. Some of the invitations were hand delivered and others were sent by post, all managed by Uptown Events.

Finally after months of preparation the day of event arrived.

On the day of the Batmitzvah the event was split into different stages as explained below:

Stage 1 – Megillah readingGuests arrived at Sopwell House hotel at 10.30am. At the entrance to the main room was a table with beautiful customised Megillah books for each guest. The Bimah was positioned in the centre of the room and featured a hand written Megillah from Israel.

Bamboo coloured chairs with gold seat pads were positioned around the Bima, arranged in theatre style. On each chair there was a customised wooden gragger for each guest to use to make noise during the ceremony – as is the custom on Purim.  Around the room were 60inch plasma TV’s that projected a live image of the Bimah. The ceremony was led by the Rabbi of the synagogue who encouraged every guest to get involved and make as much noise as possible. This helped to set a truly enchanting atmosphere.

Stage 2 – ReceptionOnce the Megillah reading finished, the guests stepped outside of the main room into the reception room. They were greeted with appetising canapés and a beautiful array of food. Israeli music was playing in the background to add to the atmosphere, and there was a large selection of entertainment for both adults and children. This included giant Jenga, giant Connect 4, a Mind Reader dressed as a Persian trader, casino tables with bespoke playing cards and customised fun money, a glitter tattoo artist and balloon modeller. We also had a customised photo booth designed which offered different props and costumes. This was in addition to a professional photographer who took pictures of guests in a range of different outfits in front of a backdrop displaying the Pyramids in Egypt.

The picture was then printed onto a metal photo frame, giving guests a permanent reminder of the event. The guests enjoyed the opportunity to use the entertainment, talk and enjoy the great food.

During this time, the staff turned the main room around to make it ready for lunch. There was not a lot of time allocated for this, however the excellent workforce organised everything to the exact detail.

Stage 3 – LunchThe concept of the lunch was to create a feast as it would have been in Biblical times. All tables were long and covered with rich gold damask cloths. The napkins were alternated with red and purple, rolled and placed on top of a gold charger plate. Each guest also had a ‘Mishloh Manot’, which is a goody bag filled with sweets and dried fruit, as is the custom to give on Purim. These bags were designed and made by a children’s charity organisation in Israel and all the money was donated to the children. Colourful masks were placed on the tables to add to the Purim feeling of dressing up.  In the centre of the tables there were large candle sticks with candles and bespoke benchers.

As guests were called to enter the main room for lunch their reaction was astonishing. Guests could not believe their eyes as the room they left under an hour ago had been completely transformed into a banquet.

A tantalizing selection of salads and various meats in brass dishes were place on each table for guests to share. The food was leaving the kitchen endlessly and was delicious.

During lunch the staff re-arranged the reception room to a Persian coffee room for the next stage of the event: dessert.

Stage 4 – DessertAs guests finished their lunch and completed the speeches, they were asked to return to the reception room for desserts. They were surprised to see that the reception room outside had turned into a colourful coffee room with highlights of Persian design.

There were Persian sofas and chairs scattered with brightly coloured pillows. Low wooden tables were decorated with ornaments and brass trays of Persian sweet pastries and of course strong Turkish coffee. Persian rugs, palm trees and wooden screens adorned the floors and walls of the hotel. Colourful silk drapes were hung from the ceiling and created a feeling of a Persian tent. Arabic music was playing in the background and the atmosphere was exquisite and breath-taking.

In a separate room attached to the reception room, a disco was playing with a DJ, moving head lights and chequered dance floor. A male and female street dancer encouraged the children to dance and gave out novelties. A large table of Pick n Mix and a popcorn machine ensured that the children were well catered for.

Whilst the children were dancing and the adults were enjoying the coffee room, another smaller room was opened for any adults that wanted to enjoy a game of bridge using customised playing cards.

Every guest left the event feeling overwhelmed by the endless surprise and magical atmosphere that was created throughout the day, thorough intricate planning, organisation and structure.

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