Barmitzvah at Park Royal Studios

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The Brief
Convert and revive a clear white, empty film studio into a glamorous decorative venue, for a Barmitzvah party Moroccan theme.

The Venue
The venue is a large room 474 square metres. This large room was split into reception and main room area with a 20ft black drape from the ceiling to the floor, which after the reception opened and revealed to the eyes of the entire guests the spectacular main area. In order to create a tantalizing entrance to the venue a Moroccan Marquee was built and was used as a cloak room and wash area.

The Party
250 guests attended the party. As guests entered the outside area of the venue, a red carpet was laid with two enormous gas flambeaux at each side of the carpet. The guests were led into a Moroccan beautifully decorated marquee which on one part used as a cloak room, and on the other used as wash area and “Birkat Hamazon”. When entering to the reception room a genie on stilts was greeting each guest and a member of staff assisted with escort cards.

The bar was situated on a raised area, lit with colourful LED lights and Moroccan graphics printed on front. All over the reception area there was Moroccan furniture for seating. The surrounding walls were draped with black cloth and strips of gold drape to form a Moroccan ambience. The children enjoyed a choice of two entertainment games; one was the funny Bobbly Heads and the other was Pic Flips.

As the toast master called for dinner, the guests were asked to count down from 3 to 1 and the words “Open Sesame” were announced. As these words were heard the 20ft black drape dividing the reception and main room suddenly opened to reveal the spectacular, stunning main room.

From the ceiling of the main room there were thirty Moroccan lanterns hanging at different heights and colours. From the centre truss of the ceiling to the edge there was a beautiful multi- coloured swag that gave an effect of a Moroccan tent. In the centre of the truss there was a 1m disco ball and top of the range lighting. Over the long children’s table, hanging from the ceiling, the Barmitzvah boy’s name carved in Arabic font dangled over the crowed. The king of the simcha had a king’s throne to sit on during dinner.
A known fact was that this crowd of guests like to dance. We had a huge black LED dance floor, a custom made 3 level stage for the band, carpeted black with glitter, with two podiums on each side of the stage for dancing. The main room looked phenomenal.

After the guests had found their seats, the family was introduced and entered the room. Next was the birthday boy. He was waiting on the raised area of the bar, directly in front of the main stage, at each side of him there were two people with long, loud horns dressed in Moroccan gowns. The horns were blowing; the Barmitzvah boy began to walk towards the stage and the horns players marching behind. As the boy crossed the main room and reached the dance floor the horns then stopped. The boy walked alone to the centre of the dance floor, turned to face the audience and suddenly from each side twelve pyrotechnics raised 2 metres high. The guests were speechless. And then the dancing began and did not stop. During the evening there were endless novelties handed out, cold towels to cool off after Israeli dancing, three funky street dancers and a magical atmosphere which could not be describe by words alone.

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