Barmitzvah at Floridita

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The Brief

To produce an unforgettable Barmitzvah that could re-create Israel in the heart of central London. This was to be done using sophisticated, elegant designs, entertainment and other tools to create the desired atmosphere.

The Venue

Nestled within the heart of Soho, Floridita emulates 1930s’ style, creating the perfect blend of glamour and decadence from a bygone era.

The Party


Guests arrived and enjoyed a charmingly presented reception decorated with mini orange trees, ivy and many other flowers. Two decadent buffets of sushi and shawarma, alongside a selection of canapés, awaited guests as they entered the party. Israeli folk songs were played as background music and escort cards were printed as Israeli airline flight tickets. A juggler performed in the entrance of the venue and a caricaturist drew images onto key rings.

Main room

Once guests were called for dinner they made their way down the beautiful mirrored staircase into the main room. Playing in the background was a recording of the Barmitzvah boy speaking as an Elal airline captain when landing.

The room was split into four areas. In each area the table decorations were designed as unique landmarks of that certain area. Large road signs, as in Israel, pointed guests to the direction of each area. The areas and decorations were as follows:

–        Jerusalem consisted of three round tables with black striped linen. In the centre of the table lay a large slice of olive wood as a base. The Wailing Wall was hand-made using tiles, textured wall paper; there were even small notes in between the cracks of the stones, as with the real wall. Small hessian sacks were placed either side filled with colourful spices: paprika, turmeric, cumin and dill to symbolise the markets of Jerusalem. Spread around were branches of olive trees to signify the many olive trees around Jerusalem.

–        Tel Aviv consisted of three round tables with black striped linen. In the centre of the olive tree slice stood three ice sculpture buildings, which indicated the Azrieli buildings. At the top of the 45cm high ice buildings were mini cocktail umbrellas to remind guests of the many bars in the city. Beach sand, seashells and mini deck chairs surrounded the ice buildings to symbolise the wonderful beaches.

–        Golan Heights consisted of three round tables with black striped linen. On the slice of olive tree base was a small water fountain to represent the lakes and water in the Golan Heights area. Around the waterfall were pots growing herbs such as thyme, rosemary, chives etc. Pebbles and ivy were put around and large sunflower heads gave the bright yellow colour. All of these plants and stones grow in the Golan Heights.

–        Eilat was the children’s table and consisted of a U-shaped table that seated 44 kids. The kids’ linen was similar to hessian to represent the desert. All the glasses were glow in the dark to give a funky look. There were four large illuminated cubes with fish bowls at the top. In the fish bowl were real goldfish, colourful stones and plants to symbolise the reef of the Red sea in Eilat. In between the fish bowls were pots of cactuses and mini wooden camels.

The backdrop of the stage was made up of shimmer disc panels that gave the extra clubby look. We then added an additional step in front of the venue’s stage to give the kids some extra room to dance. A large black LED dance floor finished the design of the room.

The band was the excellent TOTEM which is a DJ Live concept. The first set of dancing was the Israeli set that got the guests moving!

After the dancing, a cold refreshing starter of melon was served. Once they were finished, the guests got up to dance, but this time with a surprise as the Barmitzvah boy came onto the dance floor carried on the shoulders of the Bottle Boys. These are four boys dressed as Hassids that teach the guests the real Jewish moves, from dancing with bottles on the hats to the circle Jewish dancing – a truly entertaining feature. After the dancing, cold towels were given out to all the guests to cool them down after an energetic set of dancing.

Once all the speeches were over, the dancing began again and the dance floor was rocking! TOTEM created an amazing atmosphere for the party!!

During the dancing, another room was opened to be a chill out/dessert room with Moroccan sofas, cubes and tables. A large buffet table of tea and coffee and sweet Moroccan pastries was laid on for the guests. An additional table was also set up with Pick ‘n’ Mix for the kids, containing of loads of sweets from Israel.

The atmosphere was beyond amazing and all the guests were on the dance floor until the very last song – enjoying, dancing and celebrating with the family!

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