Awards Ceremony for Top Recruitment Consultantcy

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The Brief
To find a well-located and somewhat ‘alternative’ venue for a top notch event and to impress the staff of the company running the Awards Ceremony.

The Venue
The Awards Ceremony was held at Chelsea Football Club, home of the current premier league champions. The Recruitment Consultancy has a large number of highly-motivated sales staff who like to be associated with winners, so Chelsea Football Club was the ideal venue.

The Party
As the guests arrived paparazzi photographers assailed them at the entrance of the reception room. Guests walked along the red carpet to be quizzed by our comedy doormen before entering the main ballroom which had been stunningly colour washed with blues and purples. As the Awards Ceremony was to be quite long the presentation began immediately. The theme was TV. The Company Chairman read ‘The News’ which was the results and reports of the Company which boasted a 35% growth rate in 2005. Halfway through an outside broadcast which had been pre-recorded was shown on two giant video screens. Before the main awards to the top high flyers of the Company, the Chairman welcomed on to the stage one of the world’s top sales motivators; David Brent of The Office. Our David Brent looakalike put on a show that had the whole audience in peals of laughter for 20 minutes finishing with two members of staff doing his famous dance on stage.

After dinner we created the ‘H Factor’; to find the most talented singers in the company. Six staff members put in a great deal of effort and one was eventually crowned the winner. Our DJ played on till the early hours. Guests were allowed to wander into the Stand to look at the famous Chelsea pitch which was floodlight for the occasion. A great time was had by all and Uptown we re-booked for the next event straight afterwards!

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